Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Since I bought this place - the very first home I ever owned - I just delight in being able to hammer nails into walls or paint stuff, or knock out walls. All the things frowned upon by landlords...

Yesterday I had a little painting frenzy. Actually both things I painted are furniture so the grumpy landlord thing wouldn't have applied anyways...

Last year Smellie 3 used to work in a hardware shop in the City. They finally sacked him - FOR BEING TOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! (True).

He got me some super cheap paint before he left.
No wonder they couldn't sell this can - it is CHEERFUL YELLOW! (not it's title, just the colour of it).
I painted the back of the linen closet which faces in to the lounge from the bathroom, and also the back of the book case in the bathroom.

I didn't take a Before pic - but it was bare dark masonite, very gloomy.
Now it exudes light!
I also added a wool blanket in the same acid yellow to the back of the couch (stop looking - it isn't in this shot), and how about that wonderful 1970s Marimekko material? It has the same yellow in it.
So does the little kimono.
Which has a story.
We had a Japanese student stay with us 7 years ago. And the next year he came back, and his family asked if there was anything I really wanted. So I asked for some scraps of silk kimono.
But instead of a scrap bag they sent this. It is from the late 1930s and belonged to Hiroki's grandmother when she was about 8. It is gorgeous. The sleeves have three layers - pale pink and scarlet peeping through.

Next job will be the pantry cupboards - I bought another TV cabinet on eBay the other day. That is it now - just to make shelves and some doors and drag them in to the pantry. Fabulous!


Lynda said...

You are SOOO lucky, what a fabo gift...........looks super duper on the wall.......

catsmum said...

Being well acquainted with the interior of your wonderful, quirky abode, I can just picture where that kimono is hanging, Love the colour and the kimono equally.
Well done you!