Saturday, 4 July 2009

Food glorious food!!!!!!!

I do love food. And I love cooking. It is really tough now that the Smellies have all fled the nest and I don't have anyone to cook for. Generally. And I always do far too much at The Sweetheart's and stuff gets chucked on the compost heap.

This is a bit of stuff I have whipped up in recent times...

Some Rocky Road.
Heaps of Rocky Road really.
Lots of tiny pink and white marshmallows; toasted almonds, walnuts and macadamias; multicoloured cherries; Turkish Delight; peppermint chocolate; Cherry Ripe; toasted coconut (too much coconut - next time I wont use so much because it stopped all the layers sticking together completely in the end); and all held together with a kilogram ( or more) of mighty fine really really good dark chocolate.

Most very fabulous Rocky Road!!!!

And this clever tromp-l'oeil on the front of the Palmerston pub in South Melbourne.

I made muesli as well. Buckets of it and shared it between The Sweetheart's household and mine. Even his Smellie ate it. And not just cos there wasn't any sugar fix cereal in the pantry either, apparently! This originally started with a recipe that called for 4-6 cups of rolled oats and 2-3 cups of dried fruits but I swapped the measurements around (and then tripled them...). And then glued it together with honey, maple syrup and rice bran oil. Toasted the lot in batches in the dear old Rayburn. It is yummy just as a topping on stewed fruit too.

Speaking of stewed fruit...

Strawberries and rhubarb were born for each other. Sometimes I also add a packet of strawberry jelly when I am cooking it up. Didn't have any the other day so added some sago to thicken it. Look at the SIZE of that strawberry at the front. Larger than a large egg even. Bigger than lemons. I had to hack it up with the cleaver. I lied there. However, it was sweet and delicious which I wasn't expecting at all.

And this week my quilting frame and machine will arrive from Brisbane. Hooray!! I had the BEST service from the trucking company (B.F.R. in Sydney doing a backload from Brisbane to Melbourne). They weren't the cheapest nor were they the most expensive but they were the very best with everything else. Rang me to follow up on their quote, and then again to see if I had made up my mind, were really helpful about everything. And their saleswoman wants to learn to make a quilt for her Gran (who fell recently and broke a bone in her neck and NEEDS a quilt to cheer her up). So I made a friend as well, and they are always the best days!


Lizzie said...

That rocky road looks awefully tempting - good job I'm a good girl and a very decent car trip away LOL,
Big hugs, lizzie

Micki said...

All the food looks awesome!

Bellbird said...

I want some of that rocky road! Even though I can almost feel my arteries closing up as I look at the picture :-)