Saturday, 20 June 2009


Every so often I would get a very strong yearning for a John Watts quilting frame and probably a new machine to use on it.
And would check out eBay or be very envious if one of the Scquilters had one for sale (cos they were upgrading to a long arm. Or worse - they hadn't used it...sigh). But there wasn't ever any money anway.

A couple of weeks ago I found one on eBay with a Juki machine, almost unused, and for half the cost of a new setup. There was just an hour left on the bidding - AND NO BIDS!!! I talked to My Best Sister Noela after and she said she would loan me the money if I wanted to make an offer. I did, but didn't hear anything. And then the seller re-listed it.
So I sat chewing my nails for a week and then in the last three minutes bid for it. Again, the only bid!
And now Noela and I own this (it is only about 2,000 kms away at the moment!):


Clare said...

You lucky girl. I can see finished quilts flying in all directions.

Lizzie said...

Very nice you lucky girl, now you just have to learn to use it - right?

Sally Westcott said...

Lucky Jappa! I wish!

I think I've gone Mad - I'm doing a Dear Jane! I gave up smoking 2 months ago and that is my punishment. It keeps my hands busy!

Glad the party went well - We would have loved to have been there.



Jane said...

I know that yearning but what space would I be willing to sacrifice.
Apart from the lack of siblings....vbg.

catsmum said...

oh well done you!

Not Waving but Drowning said...

How wonderful!


belinda said...

Oh lucky ducks!!! Now you have NO