Friday, 31 July 2009

Stop the presses!!!

Dear All,

Di sent a link to a wonderful pattern to make Dad's quilt - a Modified Bento Box from Film In The Fridge.

Thank you for kind words and encouragement - now I am neck deep in cutting, sewing, cutting and mroe sewing. Just putting the last round on 12 blocks before cutting them into quarters and resewing.
Shall put up some photos when I get a minute's break. Living on cups of tea and slices of toast and cheese cos there isn't time to cook...


One Little Thread said...

Love the bento box. Also think stars are great for a bloke. Sorry I didn't catch up at Jeff's Shed last week. I seemed to miss seeing about a dozen people I'd hoped to see. Miss14 was on a mission buying fabric for some softies - plus asked did I think it was time she perhaps made a quilt. Granny K will be thrilled!

Sally Westcott said...

Wow Jas - where has all this energy come from? I'm exhausted just at the thought! Good luck and hugz