Thursday, 30 July 2009

What to do????

The Sweetheart's Dad is seriously unwell in the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He isn't going to come home this time.
So sad - he has had a long and very interesting life - the war (Rat of Tobruk and then he got sent to New Guinea for a change) and came back to a Soldier Settlement Farm out of Colac. He didn't know very much at all about farming - he grew up at the Paris End of Collins St in the City (Melbourne).
And later, in the 70's, he took off to be a hippy - grew his hair and smoked dope and had a child in his 60's (who is younger than his grandchildren...). And became a wonderful potter. He recently figured out he had made over 40,000 pieces.
And now he has to go to a Nursing Home rather than his lovely home with his lovely glowing translucent pottery tiles all over the bathroom wall and photos on the walls of him and his kilns and his life, and lovely paintings and treasures he has collected over the years in his travels all over the world.

I am going to whip up a quilt for him.

Got 14 metres of Harvest Melody from Benartex flannels, mostly half metre cuts and some FQs. The sweep of colour in the first photo looks lovely, they are great colours.

BUT - what to do with them?

Give me some ideas, please. I went Googling and found a few quilts including this one. Maybe stars? Something quick - there are a few with lovely hand appliqué but I don't do hand stuff very often. And certainly am not quick about it.


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Lizzie said...

I'm not a big fan of Bears Paw, for me I just love squares within squares. Theres something comforting and homely about basic, solid squares, and they're quick too. Sorry, that he won't be going home but the colours look bright cheery and happy, you can't ask for much more than that to put some cheer on a bed.
Good luck,