Sunday, 24 May 2009

What I have been doing lately...

I have been sick. My tummy hurts. All my innards hurt, in fact. So this is where I have been spending lots of time. Also the bathroom but it is Too Much Information to show a photo of that...

I am 95% better and 5% lighter.

Today is my birthday! Hooray!!!
I love birthdays. I want to have hundreds of them, but will settle for a hundred. It is a good round number.
I was woken at 0600 by a phone call. From my Sweetheart who had snuck downstairs and rung me from his mobile to sing Happy Birthday and to tell me to look under the pillow. And there was a lovely bottle of Chanel 5. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Thank you Coco fr inventing this so long ago for me. And thank you to Rex The Ex who first gave me Chanel when I was but yet a wee slip of a lass.

And now to a concert with Kavisha Mazzella - a fundraiser for people damaged in the Italian earthquake. Followed by dinner with some of the dearest men in my life - my Sweetheart, Smellies and Step Smellies.

I promise to start talking again now that I am feeling better.


Sally Westcott said...
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Sally Westcott said...

Post no 2 mius the stupid computer editorial rearrangements.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Jappa
Happy Birthday to you

Glad you are feeling better - I hate those sort of bugs! Yuck!

The little blcok you saw on my blog are 4 1/2 " finished. Small ans fiddley but fun. I 'm doing them when I get a chance (I've done 4 this weekend and played 18 holes of golf and baby sat two of the grandbabies for 8 hours!).

Be kind to yourself



The little blcok you saw on my blog are

Sally Westcott said...

Damn computer - still rearranging stuff! I techies at school are on the job but The computer still has a mind of it's own!

Almost as bad as that stupid Bleeping iron!

Clare said...

Happy Birthday Jas. Hope you had a great day. Chanel No. 5 - ooohhh.

Hope the tum is more stable now.

AnnieO said...

HBTY from foggy and cool So Calif! Sorry to hear you have been feeling under DOWN UNDER. Okay, bad pun but I couldn't resist. Missed you while you were unwell.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday but I think I sent a card before I dissolved into the nirvina of illness aka you.
My infected tooth is there but not throbbing....who knows and when??

Lorraine at home said...

Hi Jas,
Hope you did feel much better for your birthday. Not nice to feel yucky on your special day of the year.
Happy Birthday to you!!
Love and Hugs,
BFN Lorraine H

susanawee said...

A very belated Happily, Happily Birthday to you Jasmine from most unwell Sue in Cottesloe Western Australia - not quilting or sewing at the moment....sob.sob. Glad to read that you are feeling better.
What a lovely man your sweetheart sounds - loved the little story about the phone call.
Hugs Sue/Cottesloe.