Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Clever Mallee Girl!

I love it when I find more Mallee Girls.

We are a great bunch!!

Here is another one - and she (Krissy) makes the most wonderful jewellery.
She has a shop, and she has a give-away of a beautiful ring. With "Stay calm & carry on" stamped on it. We all need one of them methinks! Have a look also at the beautiful earrings she has made for her MIL for Mother's Day.

Wonder if there are any more Mallee Girls blogging away out there? We could have our own mini blog ring...

Who asked about the governesses and the nannies in my last post? We lived in the Bush - it was what you did in Those Far Off Halcyon Days...
A bit like Seven Little Australians except there were only six of us. And no trees fell on anyone. Though we did have a spectacular crash out of one treehouse, I now remember. Mum was standing at the sink watching all her babies playing in the paddock over the road, dragging branches up a gum tree to make a platform. The supporting branches broke and the lot of us cascaded to the ground just like in the nursery rhyme.
Makes me wonder why I still like tree houses.


Anonymous said...

And it was one of the jobs you did when you left school, but I went half way up the Birdsville track.
Judy B

Clare said...

At the mention of governesses and nannies I thought, for one ghastly moment, you were terribly terribly terribly posh. Thanks for putting my mind at rest :-)

Missie Krissie said...

Great news!! You won my giveaway! Congrats and thank you for the lovely write up! Please send me your address and I will send your prize! :) Kris