Sunday, 3 May 2009

Busy weekends...

And I found I DID know how to add a video to my last post.
I don't know how I did it as I went for the scatter gun approach and tried every possibility and one stuck! I will try it again soon.

Sometimes I think I would like to add some music to here. Just so you can listen to some fine Aussie performers that you wont hear if you are not in Australia. Then I find some blog that is playing what some people think is wonderful music and it drives me MAD. I open half a dozen blogs at once and some dreary music starts, and I cant find where it is and furiously scroll down pages looking for the off button. And people have their music selections in all sorts of different places. Left, right, at the bottom...

So here is a link to High and Lonesome. They are friends of mine, Chris is the lonesome part and Chips is high... And I think I may have just added their music to my blog... How annoying is THAT? (For you, I mean. Not for me...).

Happy birthday Pete Seeger. 90 years - I would love to be at the concert in Madison Sq Garden for him.
Tao, his grandson, played at the National Folkie a couple of years ago. Here is the link to their band site:
That isn't Tao in the photo I took but the banjo player from the band when they were playing at Canberra. I get a bit fixated on banjo players...
There is also a link to a review in The Canberra Times on their site.

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Fran said...

I'm glad you decided not to have music, it drives me mad too!