Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More things to love...

I am in love with a tree house. Any tree house yet, I haven't decided on which one I want to live in.
I used to have a wonderful one when I was little. It was HIGH up in The Killer Tree*, and my 5 younger siblings were too scaredy cat to climb up into it. I don't know now if that was because it was so far in the sky or because they knew I would KILL them if they invaded my space.
When I went back a few years ago The Killer Tree wasn't all that big actually...
Stuff shrinks when you grow up.

To give credit where credit is due:
The extraordinary tree houses on the left came from here .
(Majorly Cool looks like a GREAT web site to waste an afternoon on...)

The right hand photo is somewhere in America and was built by Pete Nelson whose blog address is below.

The centre two photos (below) are the same house in summer and winter and they are in Japan. Fabulous, too!
Pete Nelson's blog is here.
And Pete Nelson's website
and another website for more tree houses.

* Aaah - The Killer Tree wasn't a tree that killed people!!!!

It was the tree where Dad, and later Mum when Dad got too sick and then died, killed the sheep and hung them to do those things that carcasses do for a couple of days in cool weather before you start eating them.
There were a lot of mouths to feed on our farm - adults, kids, governesses, nannies, visitors, farm workers, relatives... It was a big old Mallee tree. Once our pet galah flew into it and wouldn't come down. Mum got the rifle and shot the branch out from under his clawy little feet. Bit of a legend my Mum...

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Clare said...

We never had tree houses (apart from one). We had camps. All over the place.

How come governesses and nannies. Do tell.