Saturday, 26 November 2011

I love eBay!!!

Just look at this description, spelling mistakes and all:

"Up for sale is a old fasioned wool machine, I think you feed it wool and it turns it into wool like thread for sewing, Its NOT working, but its more like a souvenier. Im not sure if its antique or not. Its got engraved in it ASHFORD, MADE IN NEW ZEALAND."

"...I think you feed it wool..." and it magically turns into wool!! What a description!!!!

Like The Singing Alien*, this makes me laugh every time I read it!!!

This is an image  I hooked off the Ashford site. The wheel she was selling looked just like this. And sold for $25. I was so tired Thurs night I just crashed into bed and forgot all about bidding for it. 
Bugger, and double bugger.
I think a spinning wheel would be a lovely thing to have a go at. Certainly with all the knitting I am doing. And the alpacas down the road who's wool just gets chucked cos nobody wants it. Nobody else...

*Ah, you don't know The Singing Alien?
Here 'tis:

P.S. Anyone got a spinning wheel they don't want any more?


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

now THAT is funny.
Hello again Ms Banaghalsge.
and thank you.

Tania said...

GOLD! Pure gold. (You'd never have been able to contain yourself upon collection).

May the Spinning Gods spin something up for you...

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

That is so funny!

You really do need to take up spinning! Totally addictive and you get another stash..
You can't stop at one wheel either they tend to breed.