Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Re yesterday's post, Carolyn commented that I still have the word verification activated. 

Hmmm, I did what I was supposed to - perhaps it is Blogger doing that Yahoo/Yahell thing and just being slow with the upgrade. 
OR - I have done it wrongly...

Carolyn also said that she likes a pop-up comment box rather than one where the page has to reload. Oh dear. I can't say I have actually noticed there was a difference whenever I comment on other people's blogs. Just that sometimes Blogger treats me with disdain, and tells me I am not a member either of them and/or of my own blog.

I know it is easier and quicker to comment if you don't have to wait around for word identification - especially if you are on a slow internet (and I know there are people still on dial-up as there isn't another choice).

Has anyone else had these problems? 

I shall pretend to be someone else and see what it says when I comment on my own blog...


Wendy said...

I was having the same problem in spite of changes and so I did exactly as the tutorial said and changed a setting to 15 days and it seems to be ok now...very puzzling.

Shirley said...

Yes. Had all of those things happen. Can never judge it - sometimes it lets me do it no problem and then other times it tells me I don't exist. Well, how come I have a blog then Mr Blogger!!! Things take twice as long as I lose the comment and have to rewrite it. Moan over. Hope you are well.