Friday, 18 November 2011


Hooray!! I got a date for my very own hospital bed, with hot and cold running nurses and ensuite surgeon!!!

Weird of me to be so excited about surgery. I love that bit where they say "Count's all over" like it was one sentence.
Last night I watched a programme which showed some abdo surgery, and the memory of that shoulder tip pain as the gas dissipates through my diaphragm all flooded back. (The gas is used to blow your belly up like a balloon so the surgeons can all get their scopes, spanners, chainsaws, party drinks et al inside during surgery).

November 28.

Is a Monday, and the Haematologist wanted me in 24 hours ahead of surgery so they can have a look at my bleeding tendency (Von Willebrand's variant, which was only diagnosed 3 years ago when I had a period of unexplained bruising, and massive haematomas on my foot which looked like ugly Old Lady bunions. Only bigger...You would have thought that this might have been picked up when I had some impressive bleeds after babies, and that superb one when I list 4 litres of blood in two haemhorrages after my sinuses were irrigated. Certainly could have been picked up when I was married to MTU* THE GENETICIST...).
Which means surgery on Tuesday 29th, and home in a few days after that. Or less, depending on whether it descends into being open surgery rather than cute keyhole. But at least I then wont have shoulder tip pain. Hahahaha!!!!!

It will be lovely to get my liver fixed up, and back to functioning  properly. And that goes for the rest of me, too!

*Malcolm The Unwelcome


♥Duff said...

3 cheers for bloated party drinks! I'll send happy thoughts for a successful surgery and quick healing. Hey, I'll drink to that right now!!♥

Maria said...


Wendy said...

Good to hear! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Quiltbug said...

What great news. I'll be saying a prayer for your fast recovery. I remember MTU very well. Those were interesting times but gladly, long gone.

Ramona said...

Fantastic News Jas, good luck!!
Is it the Haemotologist at St V's?? if it is, he's fabulous. You'll be in good hands!!