Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How to set no-reply and/or no-word-verification

 If you are a commenter on blogs it is a good idea - a really, really, really good idea - to set your profile to include your email address.
This is so when you comment I can write back to you and say "Thank you for your comment" and generally have a further ramble to you about whatever is rattling around in my mind at the time...

And there are some who have email addresses that read "noreply-comment@blogger.com" and that isn't good for any of us...Sometimes, I spend time to track the email down, sometimes I just throw a teatowel over my head and sob.

The wonderful girlie at I Have A Notion has written a little how-to so you can remedy this:

Here is how to do it:
•first, go to your blogger dashboard
•near your picture or logo on the left, click "Edit Profile" E"
•go to the first section labeled "Privacy"
•in this section, the third line down should say "Show Email Address"
•make sure the IS a Check Mark in the "Show Email Address"
•if you don't have an email address listed, you can fill it in in the "Identity" section
•The MOST IMPORTANT part when you finish, is to go to the bottom of the page and click "Save Profile" on the bottom left side. If you do not click save it won't work.

And I have lately been having trouble commenting on some blogs. I know it is cos Blogger has PMT days and wont acknowledge that I have written the correct word identification (aren't some of those words AMAZING???).
So I have done as Pleasant Home suggested and dropped the need for a word verification.

Here are her step by step instructions. I would highly encourage you to try it this way. Just give it a week. If you're not happy, you can go back in and change it.
Go to:
  • Design
  • Settings
  • Comments
In this section you will want the following:
  • Comments - SHOW
  • Who can comment - ANYONE
  • Comment form placement - FULL PAGE
  • ***Comment Moderation - ONLY ON POSTS OLDER THAN 15 DAYS
  • you will need to check this circle and type in 15 in the empty box..
  • ***Show word verification on comments - NO
  • Show profile images on comments - YES
  • Comment Notification Email - Type YOUR email address in this box

By using the ONLY ON POSTS OLDER THAN 15 DAYS option and with Bloggers
new Spam filtering. You don't have to worry about unwanted / spam comments. 

I have not (yet) had any problems with spam - don't expect to however. I think between Blogger's spam filter, and my ISP's filter there wont be much chance of any getting through.
Is this any help?

Back to knitting a sock.



Fran said...

Thank you, is it working now? I never realised my address wasn't showing (not having written to myself!)
Saw your DS Noela a week ago. We talked about you of course!

Carolyn said...

I like having the pop-up comment box, that way the page doesn't have to be reloaded with a comment...
I'm sorry the nurse's strike is impacting on your life :( Not good at all...

Carolyn said...

Oh, and you still have the word verification activated (didn't know if you already knew this or not, but this post suggested you had decided to drop it?)
Thank you for your gorgeous comments, and I hope you have a good week!

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