Friday, 9 April 2010

What happened @ Easter...

On Good Friday we went to Albury and stayed with S2 and his Beloved again. They have done lots of things since we were there last (the weekend before!) including digging out all the weeds from their patch of lawn and reseeding it, planting LOTS of seeds and plants in their vege garden, and getting on with their guitar lessons...

On Saturday we headed north.

We played submarines in Holbrook, and a nice Kiwi woman from Gisborne took our photo at The Dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai.

Then on to Bathurst where we met up with TWO Axe Murderers, and staying with one!

Christine is on the LHS of this photo in her studio, and we stayed in her wonderful home.
The most beautiful place we have ever stayed.
There are more photos after this, but just picture a 19th century workmen's brick cottage, semi detached, but instead of a dark passage to access the rooms a wide sunroom with the rooms opening off it with internal windows and glass paned doors. And then filled with flowers, quilts, beautiful old furniture, and wonderful food smells!

And that is Del on the RHS of the photo above. She came around for a moment to see what I looked like and we didn't stop talking for three hours!!!

This is where we went on Sunday, me in the 'truck' as Pit Crew and The Sweetheart getting ready to scare the living daylights out of himself! AS I mentioned in this post we were there to have a lovely fun time on what is The Mountain of Australian Motor Racing. I don't think it is very often used for club racing - mostly it is The Big Boys with all their money and sponsored hot cars that get to run around here. 
The Festival of Sporting Cars was a wonderful event!
This is The Sweetheart in our dear Little Red Car, lined up on the Dummy Grid. He had enormous fun, with a top speed of 200 kph down the straight on his runs. 
He leapt from the car at the end of each run absolutely GLOWING!!! 
This is the hotel where we stayed Sunday and Monday nights. It is right on the track with all the rooms opening onto balconies overlooking the track, the other side of the hotel has all the service rooms. Our room was on the second floor just in front of Armorall.
That cloud of dust is someone giving themselves an almighty scare. Nobody was hurt and only a couple of cars out of the field of 600+ were a bit bent over the entire weekend. A wonderful record!!

The whole event was organised and run by volunteers from all around the country - members of various car clubs. They all did a wonderful job - everything from flag marshalling to timing and just being helpful. This country really would be rooted if it wasn't for volunteers...

We packed up on Tuesday afternoon, getting Little Red onto the trailer just as the rain started, and headed for home.
The very first hill out of Bathurst the trailer started driving the car - it was a very greasy road. I started yelping and essentially didn't stop stressing for 15 hours. We DID stop for a snooze in a truck stop out of Wodonga for 2.5 hours but didn't get home until 5 a.m. I am still a *bit* tired...

However, it was a wonderful weekend, and a great experience. However, NEXT Easter we are going back to the National Folk Festival in Canberra - The Sweetheart can do My Thang!!!

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Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to stop at the blog I share with three of my friends and becoming a follower! You're from Australia?! That is awesome! My hubby has always wanted to go there! Maybe someday?

I'm taking off now to take a look around at your blog - so far it looks like fun! I see you have four boys...we have two...they are so easy to raise - THANK GOD. Take care and stop by again!

Happy Day! Andrea (Junk Girl)