Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Funny funny boys!!! And a good site!

This girlie Mandi has a delightful blog about all the creativities she is having fun with in her home.

And funniest are the little side bits where she has notes of things that her little boys say.
Jamison (making a Christmas card):" Mom, how do you spell Horz?" (sounds just like Whores),
Me: "What??"
" I want to say 'ho' 'ho' ho' but I want to call them ho-ers."
Me:"Um you can't call them that."
Jamison: "Fine. How do you spell 'Merry Christmas, Ho's!' ?"

There are lots of them.
It is a good idea to write down the cute and funny things your kids say cos sure as eggs there will be too many of them for you to remember when they get old and sensible...

And did I mention she does really good stuff with her decor on the cheap? I want one of those little electric sanders she has. And wouldn't a nail gun be really really USEFUL? And then I would have to borrow The Sweetheart's compressor. No big deal.

Oh, oh, oh, isn't it Mother's Day SOON???????????????????


Clare said...

I would love a little electric sander and a nail gun. Just think of all the jobs I could do on my own without DH and the fact that those jobs would be done! Not left halfway through and forgotten about.

Mandi said...

You are theee sweetest to post that! You have made my day, nay, my week. Nah-- my month. Thanks so much! Would I be a huge nerd if I directed my mom to your post? ;)

Thanks again!