Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter fun!!!!

This is what The Sweetheart does for fun.
Sometimes scary fun. 
For example, a couple of years ago he set fire to his other Porsche on the race track. 
He didn't mean to, of course. 
An oil line burst onto the engine and suddenly there was smoke all through the cabin and the duco rose up about a foot in a great big bubble and he screeched in to the curb with the firies screaming "Open the bonnet" cos they had forgotten to put their gloves on...
We know this because The Sweetheart had his video camera on board. But he wont put it on Youtube otherwise I would point you to it...he is a bit embarrassed about it actually.
Of course, when the cold foam hit the hot bits of metal there was a scientific experiment.
Yep - the head cracked.
He has still to find a replacement head that isn't also cracked. He bought one from America at great expense to management but it turned out to be also cracked (and the bloke said it wasn't when he had it...?). It is just about ready though. For me.

This weekend, in fact for all of Easter, we are heading to Bathurst to Mt Panorama Racetrack. It is a great race track, very famous for the Bathurst 1000 which is held in October each year.
And this year, The Sweetheart is fanging around the track and I am Pit Crew. We leave tomorrow, and scrutineering is on Sunday morning, we fang around till Tuesday lunch-time. It is just club racing, not for profit, and all the Porsche Clubs around the country will be there, so we will make lots of new friends!
How much fun will this be!!!

And I took that photo of Little Red tip-toeing at Sandown racetrack. I am pretty proud that I managed to get that front tyre for the split second it was in mid-air!

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