Saturday, 10 April 2010

Op Shop Treasures!!!!

I have been op shopping again.
Got to love when you get a table full for $40. Oh, plus another $20 for the analog lawnmower I bought for S2 to whip that new lawn in Albury into shape. 
Could get him this t shirt...

Anyways, here are the treasures I got this week cluttering up the table!

I love the shape of this hand blown glass. Want more please.
A hand blown elegant jug, and a couple more of those 1940's pressed glass dishes with the warts of glass on them.

Some more glasses - champagne? Parfait? Two sizes in pretty smoky colours.

Two silver goblets, heavy and lush, a parfait spoon (woo hoo - now I have TWO) and a silver teaspoon, and a light weight silver plate.

A pretty blue glass for my friend Wendy who has a collection on her bathroom window sill.

More glass, a silver bud vase (specimen vase), a bamboo vase/pot, a heavy REAL steel cake tin with sewing goodies - zippers, bias binding, old lace, and some sparkles for 50 year olds (three packets of them! Happy 50th birthdays Lew and Flossy!!!).

Lots of material - 2 metres each of glorious green raw silk, and  African looking hand blocked red and green cotton, and a bundle of furnishing fabric scraps, couple of metres of each (and the op shop woman said "Bits of left over old material, how about 50 cents the lot?"...)

A stunning book, not (definitely not!) a children's book - In The Kingdom of Mescal  with fabulous illustrations. On the back cover are some brass curtain rings, and a very elegant bottle opener, a silver buckle, and some beads that could be resin or they could be amber...
Some spice jars with tin lids and a very ugly wooden holder, one missing but useful for beads I reckon. A glass cloche (or perhaps it is meant to be up the other way with a candle but I prefer it in cloche fashion), and a really interesting and really ugly PLASTIC mirror that will look fine when it is sprayed a different colour (not black which is all I have ATM). Some patterns to make things perhaps for Moo, and an old 1960's hostess gown frock pattern (with "Mum's" written on it) and only, oddly, the sleeve pattern used...

How good is this lot of stuff? Now to get back to remaking the curtains and Roman blinds my neighbour rescued from A Famous Person's skip a few weeks back - he brought me  a car full ,stuffed around his work gear, and there were ten times as many left to go to the tip. People are so wasteful I reckon. Thankfully...


Lindi said...

Lovely lot of loot, Jas! Those beads might be resin, but could be ambergris. I have a string very like them (used to be my Mum's). I remember she used to correct me when I called them amber (when I was a kid). If you find anyone who can authenticate ambergris, let me know, please, and I'll do likewise for you.

Kt said...

What treats! I do love that red and green block print - can't wait to see what you make from it.

Ozjane said...

The glass cloche will look lovely filled with Baubles at Christmas. I had one last year.
Love op shops but have not visited for a while. Have tried to take pity on my executor and donate instead.