Monday, 6 October 2014

The Boat Garden

The Boat Garden has turned a wilderness at the front into a circular driveway.

This is what it now looks like with some plantings. It is a Memory Garden- with lots of cuttings and bits from family and friends.

And some self sown lettuces, too...

The plastic bag (centre back) has an elderflower in it that is going into another bed I have been preparing for a few months. Growing stuff here is REALLY tough - there hasn't been ay soil since 1853 when it was all sluiced intot he creek by gold miners...

The Tonka trucks were a tip find :)

And that is p[oor old Trevor, about 100 years old in person years, and a recent epileptic diagnosis. He seems to be settlign down OK on phenobarbitones.Or methanphetamines. Or something the vet gave me for him :)

How is that Auntie Glennie?

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