Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Not quite the annual catchup...
Just a tiny post cos I am trying to tidy this blog up and make it look better. Whatever I do the text stays some idiot font and the page looks 'orrible!

A Ten stitch shawl (with Noro) I am making.

A little grandboy in a static laden 'jumpoline'!!!

The new circular driveway gardenbed in front of Banaghaisge :)

Small farmer with lambses.

My Smooth Haired Collie who it turned out I was allergic to. Not all of him, just his fluffy underwool coat. I miss him so much. He is just a pup (not even desexed here. But you can hardly tell...

Quality Control. 
S4 Marsh's farewell party. I asked him what he was making. He said ''Hangovers''. And it was true. He is now working in Germany.


Maria said...

I thought I hadn't read a blog post of yours for a while...love the Noro shawl...beautiful colours :-)Your grandies are gorgeous!

Fran said...

Love the scarf!

Ozjane said...

What goes in the garden bed?