Saturday, 8 November 2014

I am still trying to figure out how to change the font...
Actually, I have been busy doing a million other things (as usual).
Going backwards through my mind - this week I have a(nother) head and chest cold. Bit over this diseased state. Maybe I will be able to sweat it out - it is headign to the 30s again, with Total Fire Ban in the Mallee and the bush is all dried off and stressed looking. Already.

Last weekend was Maldon Folk Festival. I worked in the Festival Office on Friday night, wrist-banding performers (lots of catch-ups!), then went over to the Maldon Hotel adn bopped along to The Go Set - sent Hal (S3) a pic and he posted on FB ''It is a sad upside down world when I am in bed at 11 and my Mum is out raging to my favourite band at midnight''. Poor man - he has still got 3 ''old man'' vertebrae and herniated discs and a broken spirit from workign with homeless kids for so long. (Hugs, my boy).
On the Saturday I had Fred Smith staying again. This time without a vehicle so was also driver, as well as roadie for him.

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