Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This Week Has Been Hectic!!

I have yet to add the sparkly Christmas lights to the kitchen chandelier - I haven't had time...

Most of the time was taken up with Newstead Live music festival. Lovely lovely music, and I was billeting The Beez who are from Berlin. They also stayed with me two years ago so this time it was like Old Friends returning!
And also last week, my former husband died. Malcolm The Unwelcome. Poor bloke, though he did deserve the title we did have some good times at the beginning. And lovely sons.
Here is a eulogy.
His funeral is tomorrow in Geelong - "wear bright colours" always seems to be wrong for a funeral. I don't want to be so bright I look like I am happy he has died rather than celebrating his life. Which was really interesting, and I still yearn for all the great science we did together. He has six children from three of his five marriages. I was the fourth (Castlemaine Four Ex...), he is still married to my successor who he hooked up with in mid 1989 (though I didn't find out for two more years...hmmm!).

Anyway - here is the chandelier:
I don't know what those little orange bits are in the cup pieces of it - maybe just the reflection of my lovely pine lining boards...

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