Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pantry Cupboard

The pantry cupboard got some shelves installed and is now in the pantry and all loaded up. I still need more storage for all my cooking pots and cake tins. That will come, I can't keep hiding them all in the four ovens of the Rayburn!

S2 and S4 came last Sunday week and did some wonderful musclebound bloke stuff, adding more insulation tot he ceiling above the pantry. Next job is to fill in the triangular space with more pine boards, and to mouseproof the gaps in the ceiling (the bloke who started building this house was short and didn't have a ladder so there are a lot of high up spaces which have gaps big enough for large animals let alone tiny weeny antechinuses, possums, and urk - bushrats and mices.

This is S4 up the ladder and S2 about to give him a hand with the insulation batts....
You can see light shining onto the ceiling from a gap in the pantry ceiling. Sigh.

And somebody took a photo of me whilst I was busy Making Lists. I didn't even know it was on my camera! There aren't many photos of me in any form, so you are lucky!!

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Pennie and David said...

Yes.. I've had a close look inside your Pantry Jas and I think it passes my test!! Although I can't quite tell what's in those jars with the red lids!