Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mallee Sunset Vest

I just knitted a vest - this pattern:
http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/us/pattern.php?id=4707&lang=us                                                       Fabulous to make - I started it the weekend before last and finished it last night (although I have yet to sew on the buttons, I did undo the collar bit and reknit it so that counts as having sewn on the buttons in time used...).
It is knitted in one piece from the hem up (lovely ribbing) and in reverse stocking stitch so all the ribby bits show. And also make the cables pop beautifully. Some decreasing up to the waist and then increased over the bust so it is a lovely neat line, hugging my waist. 

I used some 10 ply from Lincraft, the colour is like a Mallee sunset (hence the name!) - blues and mauves through to pinks and oranges, with some grey-green and tan bits in between.          Gorgeous.

But - of course - I ran out of that wool and there wasn't any more in Lincraft. However, they did have some pink rosy-red that shaded back to pale, pale pink and milky cocoa. I got 10 more balls and bastardised them, just using the pinks for the cable bit, and saving the pale bits for another project (sssh, will tell you later cos it is going to be a surprise for someone. Hehehe)

Here is the WIP, the cap sleeves are knitted separately, four rows and then added in to the 6 stitch cast off armholes. So easy and simple and not at all complex. Did I also mention EASY????? Here you can also see the waist shaping, where the side seams would be.


Back view (right). There are 11 cable pattern repeats around the yoke. I wasn't happy with the way the colours of the Mallee wool came out around the collar so pulled it out last night and fussy knitted it up again just using the pinks and purples of the wool. Cos I ran out of the pink colourway, too...
Will add a photo of that when I am inside it.

I am such a smart-arse. I started this on Saturday (umm was that the 11th?) and finished it last night - 21/2/12 (love a nice palindromic date). I am going to fiddle with the date posting of this so it will look like I wrote all this last night. Why? Cos I can. That is why.

This is some I-cord I am making from the remains of the gutted out balls of wool I used for the yoke. Can't tell you what it is going to be yet. Bit of excitement and tension in your life wont hurt you.

And this is all such a wonderful pattern I am going to make another one. This time in 8 ply. Might make a few of them even, it is such a great pattern. I might add more cables up the body, and pockets and perhaps without an opening down the front (ie a jumper not a cardi), and maybe with a bit of a collar, too. My brain is off and running. Off and running down the road without me it seems...

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Shirley said...

Fabulous piece of knitting Jasmine. I love it when a project grips you so much that it sparks off other ideas and it certainly sounds like your cogs are turning fast.