Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I still havent figured out how to edit out the yucky background and change the font (I know it will be simple...).
My dear friend Alex Legg was diagnosed with cancer last month, he went straight into Peter Mac, came out for a gig, went back in for a few days, and died on Decemebr 3. We shared a birthday (tho he was a year older) and lots of memories. He was a wonderful singer and songwriter - check him out, he spent the last few months uploadign so many of his songs.

Lentil As Anything had a lovely post. S4 posted that no matter which festival he ran into Alex, or at Lentil, or a gig somewhere, Alex always remembered his name (and he knew S4 from a young teenager to a grown man heading to 30 who travelled the world a lot) and talked to him. He always made people feel special. He was a good man.

And before Alex's news I had the One Hundred Day Cough.
I think it has been closer to 200 days for me this year. Another round of antibiotics, more asthma puffer thing (never had asthma before this), olive leaf extract, homeopathic pillules (is that right - littler than pills :), even Drambuie and icecream one night. Oh, alright - TWO nights. That was a good thing for a sore throat.

The grandboy, the eldest grandboy (by 12 hours), the one who was very very prem 2 years ago just had his birthday. So did the other one, but I went to Arthur's party, not to Hobart. He is little - he had a bit of a slow start, but he is very funny. He sees the funny side in everything, and laughs, and makes others laugh. He is a happy little bloke. I had a lovely time with him.

He is wearing Daddy's shirt (with appropriate motif, I reckon!)

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David Stratton said...

It's great to catch up with you in this way too - you certainly cover a lot of ground and I feel I have got to know you better through reading your blog.
I an very much at your disposal in terms of getting blogspot under control. I know a fair bit about it and, as you know, will do anything for the price of a coffee at Dig!
Happy New Year