Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What is next...?

Yeah, still feeling like crap.

I rather expected to hear from the hospital with some concrete date for at least an appointment at the clinic as a prelude to another wait for an appointment with the surgeon.


Went to see my lovely GP a couple of weeks ago, she spent a week (in between patients, moving house, feeding her darling husband and her Just The Four Boys) trying to call the surgeon and being put on hold and put through to the wrong people and had to give up. She told me to take my knitting, a good book and front to A&E and prepare to wait 12 hours but that would be surely better than waiting 12 weeks.

And after progressively feeling worse and worser I went to A&E at St Vincent's in the city  last Monday afternoon. I did take knitting but by then I felt so totally crap I could scarcely walk let alone cope with any sort of activity.
I must have also looked pretty nasty too cos I only waited about ten minutes after they saw me, and was whisked into the inner sanctum. AND ADMITTED - WITH A REAL BED! - WITHIN AN HOUR!!!!!! Yep, not a gurney in a corridor but a real bed, back in my Hep-Biliary Ward where I was last year.
Had an ultrasound and another CT scan, lots of  fasting and painkillers, and great care. And then slung out on Wednesday night with a promise of a hot date with the surgeon in clinic on Monday week.
Seems I have had a bleed inside one of the cysts, fortunately not a large one (bleed not cyst, they are still a decent size sadly). Maybe helping S4 move house wasn't such a good move after all. I thought it might precipitate action, so I did achieve that!

In the last six weeks since I last wrote I have just been flopping around knitting and doing very little else. Apart from moving S4. He came back from his wonderful adventure of a semester studying in Germany, and had to move house. The relationship he has had with his girlfriend didn't last the distance. They got together when they were 17 or 18, and these last seven years have been times of great change and growth for both, and each, of them. I am very sad about it cos I love her too. However, he has settled in a house with two girls (women) he was at school with from The Maine. they are older and have real jobs, are not students, and that makes for different dynamics. They are lovely. One of them I have known for twenty years - am I really so old that I have friends who I once babysat???!!

And S3 returned from his two month placement in Belfast. What an experience for him! He is in final year (maybe, perhaps there will be post grad study in the future) of Youth Services and has to do a placement in this final semester. So instead of two days a week for the rest of the semester he was able to roll it together in the mid year break. Belfast was extraordinary, can't wait to read his reports when he has completed them. Working with gay, transsexual and bi teens many also homeless in the midst of some riots and conflict was a totally different experience to here. Being asked if he was Protestant or Catholic, and not being able to avoid it be replying he was atheist. "Yes but are you a Protestant atheist or a Catholic atheist"...!!!!!

I will add some photos shortly - next week shortly, not in the next hour shortly. I am staying at The Sweetheart's at the moment. My house is way too cold for someone who can't chop wood. So there are pics of my latest knitty creations on my computer at home.
I made a circular jacket with matching hot water bottle cover for Molly Moo for her 7th birthday. The jacket started with 8 stitches and then spiraled out with "afterthought sleeves" (same technique as "afterthought heels" on socks). I used 12 ply wool and it worked up really well, and it fits her!
So successful was then jacket I decided to make one for me as my Olympics project. Sadly, I ran put of yarn as I was doing the I-cord cast off, and then felt too unwell to continue. Thought I could extend it to be my Olympics AND Paralympics project but hospital has put an end to that.  Only got the casting off to do but it is both time and yarn consuming. I am knitting I-cord 3 stitches by 12 rows  and then looping then and weaving onto the three stitches after the next three. It will make sense with photos... However, there are about 1,200 stitches, three circular needles to hold them all to cast off...

And I am making socks, and a shawl that is 4 ply variegated sock wool, and some wristies forgone of the nieces who is I. The. Northern hemisphere. And both S1 and S2 are going to be daddies. S1 is the father of Molly Moo, and their baby is due December 8. S2 and his beloved are having their first darling on Valentines Day. I am so excited. Do so want to be well, I have lots of travelling to do between Hobart and Baranduda in the next months. Years even!

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Shirley said...

Gosh Jas, I can't believe you are still not sorted and I thought our health system was crap. I hope that now you will be treated properly and quickly and that you will be fighting fit ready for those grandbabies.

Best wishes to you.