Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Knitting Needle Holder

I made a roll to keep knitting needles in.
Some of them at least...

Layered pretty floral with vintage heavier turquoise and some white and turquoise striped cotton materials and sewed then RS together, then turned them trough so the long strip was lined.
Then, sewed some channels on the turquoise side, and stamped sizes onto vintage belt lining, cut it into squares and vliso-fixed each one to a channel.
It is all tied up with lovely tape measure binding that S4 gave me for Christmas last year.

Here are some little photos of the progress:

How much better, eh!

I was inspired by the roll I made for my lovely pens and pencils (again - SOME of them!!)

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Shirley said...

Good idea and a time saver having to search for them. Love the tape measure tie and the little beaded tassel on you pen tidy.