Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Decisions, decisions!

Or rather - indecisions...

What shall I do today?

The Sweetheart and I won tickets to an ABC preview of The King's Speech in the city tonight. What if, what if They spring Geoffrey Rush on us as a surprise? 'Cos at least he lives here the rest of the time therefore it isn't likely to be gasp swoon sultry brooding Mr Darcy Colin Firth who would have to be brought at great expense to the management from freezing cold England (though he may leap at the opportunity).

The other horn of this dilemma is that this arvo is the 159th anniversary of the Monster Meeting at Chewton when the gold miners started the revolt that led to Eureka Stockade - with TONY ROBINSON coming to film it all for the History Channel.
I love Tony Robinson. Who can ever forget all those wonderful laughs in Blackadder - many of them directed at poor Baldrick?
Here is a snippet - but don't let that prevent you from hunting down more episodes on Youtube. Or even going and buying the full set of Blackadder for yourself for Christmas.

After Blackadder, Tony Robinson went on to be the one who didn't do any hard work in The Time Team (that isn't true - he is one of the producers of the 15 series show as well as the delightful presenter!).

Oh, what shall I do? 
Of course it will be The King's Speech - I can wave to the Monster Marchers as I drive past them at Chewton on my way south. And then watch Tony Robinson's show on telly in a few years (if I find someone with the History Channel).

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Bella said...

Lucky You !! Just keep everyone posted on what you saw and did, and with pictures, of course!