Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hooray!!! Only 366 days to Christmas. I shall need every minute of it...

If you need to make a pudding for tomorrow's late Christmas celebrations, or you are going on a picnic make Granma's Christmas Pudding.
Here is the link to last year's story on it:

Some of the Smellies and the Step Smellies are coming for dinner. Cold meats and salads, THE pudding, and also an icecream pudding (chocolate icecream on the outside with extra 'bits' in it - nuts, choc chips, mixed peel; and vanilla in the centre with extra cream and fruit mince (which has been bathing in a bucket of brandy for 5 months).

Oh - and we will open pressies!

My Sweetheart gave me a lovely camera. I left mine (accidentally) on the side of the road when we were filming/photographing the High Country Targa last month. Silly, totally idiotic thing to do. It wasn't until several days after we got home, and after The Great Flood, that I discovered it missing. Been too wet to recover it, not much point after several inches of rain - and then some - 300 kms away. This is the same (Fuji) only with twice the megapixels, a few more bells and whistles, and of course MUCH newer!
Shall be back to taking photos and adding them soon enough!

Merry little Christmas to all. Now I must get back to some kitchen fussings...


Frances Leate said...

Sounds like you are enjoying an extended Christmas and I like the sound of your new camera. I got photoshop from Santa and now just have to load it and learn how to use it - fun that lasts all year! Happy stitching!

Ann said...

I hope you had a merry Christmas! All your food sounds really good.I desperately need a new camera ... Maybe one like yours would be nice... Xo Ann