Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sewing, sewing, sewing!!!

Here is a wiki page with all the secrets of international sizing exposed!

I have been hunting out lots of different patterns for summer clothes - including what to wear to the Porsche Club Ball next month.

I am rather leaning towards this Butterick Retro with it's big flowy skirt and long wide wrap-around waist ties:
You will have to go and look at it - can't seem to be able to whip an image from the site (but then I AM using the tiny notebook which is so small it hasn't learned to do some things...!).

And then I discovered this site:
So very many FREE downloadable patterns there for just about everything you could desire to sew. Women's, men's, girls' and boy's patterns and everything from underwear to raincoats!
You possibly wont hear from me for a while...

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AnnieO said...

It's been ages since I sewed any clothing! I bought some tweedy fabric for a jacket last year and it has languishe in it's project box ever since. Soon it will be getting cooler and I'm thinking I want to make it...good luck with your clothing adventures!