Thursday, 26 February 2009

So there is a blank page in front of me and an almost blank mind inside...
I have been thinking of blogging for a long time, and looking at other wonderful blogs and wondering how on earth do people get these great templates, and how do they make their blogs look so good??? And all whilst bringing up dozens of very cute children, maintaining happy households and partners and creating amazing quilts for friends' babies and their couches, little things for their Etsy shops and holding down full time jobs. How do they do it? I shall find out. Well some of it at least. At least the good looking blog bit.
I have already brought up my cute children (Just The Four Boys), it is pretty easy maintaining a happy household when much of the time it is just me to be pandered to, and I do whip up the occasional quilt, and I don't work too hard...
I am not going to be overwhelmed by other great looking blogs - with time and effort and a pile of luck and advice from the nerdier ones this blog is going to be Just Fine.
I shall start with making this look handsome and interesting.


Linda Robertus said...

Your blog looks great Jas, don't worry too much about other people's blogs! I'm going to add you to my bloglines!
Hugs, Linda

Al said...

Jas, about time you started a blog - your gift of the gab is SO wonderful to read, it was a pity when I eventually needed to delete it! You don't stike me as the type of person to worry about appearanes unduly - just keep going with what you want to - that will be fabulous to us followers!
Hugs Al

Jane said...

Hmmmmm, not sure if I have had any visitors from Bangladesh before.......

Sorry....old joke. When the house was named it was the best way I could remmember it.

Congratulations on beginning blogging.

If you care to visit my blog you may find the 600th post, answer da simple questions and be in line for a giveaway....a bag which will reflect the winners colors and taste.

Anonymous said...

Jas, blogs are meant to be personal, so don't worry about how "professional" yours does or doesn't look, I don't. I've changed my template a couple of times, and the colours etc. so I'm sure yours'll "evolve" too. One good way to encourage visitors is to set your posts to groups to automatically put your blog address in the signature line, same with your emails. Half the fun is reading others' comments! I'm adding you to my Google Reader list, see you around !!

Margaret said...

This is a pretty good start Jasmine, just remember to show us lots of your quilt pics too. I did mine with Yahoo, it has nicer pages I think, but then I only remember to post anything once in a blue moon. as a "famous" person once said, "I'LL BE BACK"
Margaret M