Friday, 27 February 2009

I have been doing things to a doll's house I started years ago. For some reason it overwhelmed me. I cant imagine why - it must have been at a fragile time of my life rather than the complexities of the house. It is really simple. It is 20" to the top of the cute tower and 15" wide, 11" deep. I have a couple of bags of little doll house sized shingles to put on the roof. The kit does have shingles but they are really ugly. And there are 'delightful screen printed plastic window glass' and trim (made of cardboard) to add around the windows, and eaves, and barge boards. There is a front door that I should have added with brass hinges (not supplied) before I assembled the rest of the house around that wall. It will work out. Have yet to fill some tiny gaps and glue the fretwork on the front veranda. It is rather cute, tho isnt it?

Another horrid hot day - they are saying it is almost as bad as Bad Saturday (Feb 7 when so many people died around Marysville, Kinglake, Bendigo...), there are almost 200 schools closed around the State - including our local ones. Bit nervous here surrounded by tinder dry bush (which hasn't has a reduction burn in the 6+ years I have been living here). I am heading down to The Sweetheart's place in Sunbury later on today. And tonight we are going to The Comedy Company at the Atheneum Theatre in Collins St.

Bad Saturday it was 50* under the veranda and the winds were howling. I don't know why I thought I would be able to save the house if there had been a fire. I had my fire fighting gear all ready to leap into, and metal buckets with mops, and the bath full of water. But then after I saw the footage of 100m high flames I realised I couldnt have done too much to save my home. So I am not going to try.

My Smelllie 4 came up last weekend and did some raking of leaves and bark and other mild gardening bits. And he made a wonderful standing stones for me to admire. Isnt this fabulous! He said the hard bit was getting the two stones at the bottom to behave whilst he added the horizontal piece to stabilise them. There are lots of rocks here - we can make thousands of sculptures on the block. You can see a smear of smoke haze in the background too.

I am not really happy with the appearance of my blog, went looking for other templates but there is nothing that looks like any of the lovely blogs I have seen. I will just have to learn how to do it as I go along (and would I be the first person to do that????).


sMC said...

oh yipee I am the first to comment.

Welcome to blogging but beward it is addictive.

Linda said...

This is a great start, Jasmine! Now you'll look differently at everything, and will surely come across more widgets you must have. Carry your camera at all times 'cause you never know when the right picture will come along that you just have to share. Can't wait to see more.

Sally Westcott said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Jappa! Sometmes you will blog lots and then you go for months without thinking about it! That would describe me hehe

Nicole and Phil said...

great start to the blog...welcome to the land of blogging, looking forward to seeing all your wonderful quilts that you make, and other stuff!

Carrum Downs Scquilters said...

Very nice Jasmine. The dolls'house is lovely.

catsmum said...

was going to invite you down the road for a Jasmine-style PCB of the post-DD's-engagement-party variety but if you're in Sunbury for the duration that's probably a wee bit far to come
most of the young'uns stayed over and are all still in Morpheus' arms as I type at nearly 9 having been up since the crack of dawn feeding goats etc
xxox s

lisette said...

nice looking blog :) and i love the sculpture - it reminds me of the english sculptor andy goldsworthy

Clare said...

Hiya Jas! Found you!

Welcome to Blogland. You might like to try this link I use the Sunset template and changed the colours. If you need any help on setting up templates and stuff just shout.

Are you still at Andrew's or have you gone back home? Bit out of touch, but DD back to school today so I've got the computer back.