Friday, 5 October 2012

Puzzled of Newstead

I don't understand at all how, last year with one cyst, I was on URGENT list and this year, with two AND bleeding inside the cysts, that I aren't.
I was supposed to have that colonoscopy and gastroscopy within 90 days. Which expires today.
I just got a letter informing me that the appointment is next month. I rang and asked about the 90 day thing and was told that it was "an average" - some people are seen sooner and some are seen later than that. And I was one of the ones being seen later...
I don't think that is right but I can't see what is wrong with it. It seems so LOGICAL.
I was also told I could come back to A&E if I felt unwell.
I DO FEEL UNWELL, I feel like crap, I am so tired of pain. I can see why people die on waiting lists. They kill themselves because they feel worthless. I do.

I know there are people out there with private health insurance, who get medical procedures much quicker than this. I wish I had private insurance. But it wouldn't make any difference apparently. I asked the surgeon about going private and he said he didn't want to operate anymore. He said it is too dangerous to do it again cos of where the cysts are located. That didn't stop him last year.
I really I haven't had enough spare money ever for private insurance. I spent a lot of my life bringing up my boys as a single mum and fighting the ex for child support. My boys didn't get overseas trips and private schooling and a home with three bathrooms like his next wife's kids did. Instead we got to fight every inch of the way to survive and I didn't have extra $$$ for health insurance.
And now I am being punished for having brought up lovely sons who benefited for having a mummy who put the as her priority. Maybe I should not have been so unselfish, maybe I should have continued my uni education, or stayed working and let them be latch key kids, and had some money in my super fund. And private health insurance. And a house with bathrooms.
No, I wouldn't swap they way my boys are for any of it.
Except for a little understanding of how the health care system works. I wouldn't mind that. I can always go private The Sweetheart says - he sold his 911 so I could. But I don't want that, besides the surgeon said it wouldn't make any difference, he still wouldn't operate again as it is too dangerous. I don't understand that either. Why wasn't it dangerous last year????

Is that too much to want?????


Jaime S said...

I'm a bit sure about health insurance anyway, we pay a fortune for it and it seems then we have to pay for everything anyway then they might give us a portion back. People going public for giving birth will pay many thousands less than I will and they didn't pay for the insurance on top of it.

What other surgeons are there? Maybe go private to get the tests done and to get a second opinion?

Shirley said...

Are you allowed a second opinion and keep on turning up at A&E until they do something. Stay strong.

Banaghaisge said...

This IS the second opinion. Lst year I also saw a surgeon at the Royal Melbourne who dismissed that a 5kg cyst would cause my belly to be so large, and said I was "just bloated". He must have had a chat to this surgeon who now thinks I am "bloated" and who didn't seem to believe me last month when I said I was back in size 10 shapers in May. I just do not understand the 90 day thing. And that I am so tired and miserable and pained.

blessed speedy said...

Maybe a third opinion? Have you been back to your lovely gp and had a whine?
Dont go private - you wont be ablet to afford it - my surgeons bill (well 2 surgeons etc) was $14500 of which I will probably have to pay around $2500 as I have private health cover

Nicole & Phil said...

my heart breaks for you reading this post. I don't know what the answer is, but I hope it can be resolved very soon. Sadly, I don't have any answers to any of this. big hugs.x

Julie Delves said...

I am very sorry that you are in pain and distressed about your health. That is not a good state to be in and my heart goes out to you.

It is unfortunate though that this post seems to have a go at the people who have private health insurance. I have private health insurance, and I put raising my beautiful children as 'a priority'. I got a university education (distance education) and got a career (as a teacher, when the oldest went to uni and we needed more money). But that doesn't mean my children were undervalued. It is just a life choice. No value judgement implied.

Not being seen immediately in the public system isn't about punishing you for bringing up lovely children. It is the way big public systems, which try to be impartial, work. Not always perfect for sure and my heart does go out to you. Pain and fear stop one from living a decent life. I hope your health issues are resolved soon.