Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March marches on...

I know, I know - missing in action (inaction, too!) for much of this month.
But - whiny voice - I have been busy.

This is some of what I have done:

The start of it all with the clever cast-on stitches for the little cap sleeves.
The yoke IS a different colour. There wasn't enough of the original so I got a heap of balls of the pink/rose that also had lots of cream through to milky-cocoa colours in it. I sorted them out (see below for what they got used for!)  and then went back to the neckline with a tiny remainder of the bottom-half wool.

Gorgeous cables! I loved doing these, tho I am piqued somewhat that the cable pattern wasn't the proper Celtic over and under thing that cables MUST do (well in my book!)
Found wonderful buttons at Lincraft that are perfect (even if they were $4 each, sigh).

Here we are. It is a trifle snug but apart from planning to keep on losing weight - just a few more kgs) it also looks mighty fine with just the top few buttons done up...

This is a scull cap I knitted to be able to use up the wool that was shunted out of the yoke wool of the above.

It is a lovely pattern for this hat. I sort of made it up after  following an on-line pattern for a hat knitted in far bigger wool.

Then I made MILES of I-cord to make a Brain Hat for S3 for his birthday. Using that culled wool.
More of the Brain Hat. S4 is silly, err brave, enough to wear a hat like this. He will probably wear it to uni - where he is studying Youth Services, 3rd year. Hey, he is off to Belfast and the UK in June/July for a Study Tour and to do a Placement. Clever fella!  I am a tad proud of him...

A friend told me her MIL had a spinning wheel sitting in her shed for the last 20 years and she would be happy to get rid of it! It was only 50 kms away, lovely trek. The lovely MIL said that she suspected that the person who donated it to her 20 years ago had also had it sitting in their shed for 20 years...
I haven't even seen anyone spinning. But I cleaned it up (urkies) and oiled it and scrubbed it, and found some cord to use as the string bit that goes around the wheel and the spinny thing. And I carded some of the wool that my neighbours gave me for Christmas (good job they gave me the carders too). And then I spun some wool!

It is a bit curly, and I haven't got any more workable bobbins to be able to ply it, but that will change soon enough. The wheel came with a Clever Kate (yeah I know, I know) and three extra bobbins but they are old and the ends are broken off. I learned a friend of ine has a step father who will be able to turn up some more for me.

My cousin showed me her gorgeous tattoo. There is more to come. Isn't this a work of art? I think so. Wouldn't have that much of a tatt myself - cos I am a sook, but I think this is beautiful. There is more to come over her right shoulder, flowers and pretties like that.

I spent a couple of evenings stitching sheets and pillowslips for my Lesbian Dolly Mummies and their new baby. The pillowslips and bottom sheet are from a very old rose printed hanky, and the top sheet is from a very fine silk cami that I have mostly worn to bits. Aren't they pretty dollies? The one on the right is also handicapped - she hasn't any legs...

The bed needs painting. It is from the cheap doll's house kit I bought when we lived in SF. All very cheap furniture you punch out of sheets of ply and cobble together. But suits The Lesbian Mummies perfectly.
I created a chandelier for my kitchen. It is from two rather crappy three armed 1960s chandeliers, and I bolted them together and added a great collection of extra crystals, and some elegant hand blown glass balls that The Boys gave me for Mother's Day back about 1992, and then draped the lot in tiny LED Christmas lights. It contrasts very well with the rustic mud bricks and tongue-and-groove pine lining boards and bare bricks that is my home.

We had 24mm of rain in 10 minutes on evening two weeks ago. This isn't a creek but the road in front of my place, looking East. On the left of the pic is the creek that couldn't cope with all the water...

...and looking West down the road - a couple of trees dropped big branches too. Fortunately, the bogan dad across the road was on his way home with the council road grader when the storm hit was was able to clear the trees off the road.

Next door's driveway with the overflow from his dam that went to make all the water on the road. It's not a bad pic for a panorama, I reckon!

However, my dam got a lot of water in it...
I am making another cardigan. This time I am making up my own pattern with lots of cables and fancy pants  stitches. I scored a few lovely little beaded stitch markers as a freebie on an English knitting magazine so decided to make some more.

I didn't have any (ie couldn't FIND any...!) jump rings so had to make my own. Using plastic covered paper clips.. I rolled them around a fat knitting needle and then cut them into rings.

Some of the pretty handmade beads in my collection. My clever smart-arsed camera has a little thing that comes up saying "FACE DETECTED". Which made me think it really is a clever little beast.

Until it said "FACE DETECTED" here too!!!! How immensely clever of it!!! And look at that dear little teapot. I didn't use it cos of the spiky handle bit that I thought would annoyingly get caught in knitting.

I had to add tiny beads at the bottoms of most of these beads as they have rather large holes.

And here they are already in use. The reverse stocking stitch parts are going to be the backgrounds for cables, and there are some stocking stitch areas  that are already going to be cables, and the line you can see 12 rows up is the row os holes I knitted so I can turn the hem up double and have a line of picots along the hem line. This is 3 or 4 ply wool (gauge 29 sts/10 cm), and I am using 2.75mm needles. With 156 stitches cast on so far. I am sort of using some other patterns to get some ideas but mostly making it up as I go along. But using a lovely big pad of graph paper too.

I made another vest/jacket. This time with 8 ply pretty flecked wool, and added a collar, and longer cap sleeves with a sort of I-cord hem on them, and a knitted on buttonhole band along the right side with a juicy fat I-cord on the edge of it. And only three buttonholes at the neckline.

This is more the colour of the above.

I had my hair cut again and some highlights bleached into it.

And I did LOTS of other things in the last month that I didn't get photos of. 
The Beez (my musician friends from Berlin) came and stayed three or four times in their travels around the country - next time we will have a House Concert here!
My Cousin Kathy came to stay with a friend of hers from Skye who is also a relative (her great great grandmother and our great great grandfather were half brother and sister. That is close enough in our family to travel halfway around the world and be welcomed!!!!) and we went to listen to The Beez, and to a family birthday party. And ate lots. That isn't My Cousin Kathy with the tatts earlier, btw.
Lots of other little time filling things went on. And now I am getting back to my knitting...
I hope you have made it this far...

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Shirley said...

Made it to the end. You have been busy with lots of show and tell. The tattoo is a work of art and whilst I wouldn't have it myself I can appreciate all the design elements that have gone into it. Great knitting projects and chandelier.