Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lots of Laughin' Out Loud

You probably will laugh at these two sites.
I just discovered this one - a great parody of Anthropologie (which is an American website full of very exxy MUST-HAVE stuff - just about every home decor related blog in America has some cheap rip-off of Anthropologie items to the extent that I was starting to feel sorry for Anthropologie and their copyright...):

Check out Anthroparodie and "YES, it seems that the items on this site are actual truly ruly Anthropologie 'treasures'"...
This necklace that looks like a string of sausages that have been gutted is one example. Or even a string of guts that have yet to be made into sausages.                              

AND ONLY $198....

The other site that always give me a lot to laugh at is by a patient person who trawls through Etsy looking for creations that really do belong on Regretsy.                      

There are some scary bloody ugly things on Etsy that have found their way to Regretsy, too!                                                                                                                      

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♥Duff said...

Love at first snarky comment, for sure! Have you seen Cake wrecks?

laughter is good for healing--so get laughing sister!