Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday Flaunt #1

And because my brother Lew and his wife went to Europe on Tuesday I made a travel diary for Felicity to take with her.
She is an artist, and will be able to use it to make little drawings and paintings and notes for all the wonderful places they are visiting in Denmark, Germany, Italy, France and England.It is felt appliquéd and embroidered, with cunning pockets and pouches for all sorts of interesting bits. This pouch on the back has a little paint box.
The inside covers have paint brushes, a graphite pencil and a very lovely black felt pen with three nibs - fine, Japanese brush and a chisel end. There are some buttons added in case there is a garment malfunction - with a safety pin, needle and tiny reel of thread tucked in, too.
There is a length of useful elastic buttoned on to the back which flips around to the front to keep it all closed and to hold in all the extra bits of brochures, postcards, souvenirs they collect on their travels.
It was good fun to make!

PS In 2013 Lew and Felicity are planning to cycle around Europe for three months. Anyone is welcome to join in for as long as your legs hold out whether it is for the whole three months or for a few days. We will be there!
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'Molly' (nickname) said...

This is so cool, I love it!!! What a thoughtful gift.

Julie said...

Such a clever and useful traveling gift! Secret pockets and special contents WOW!

lisette said...

what a fabulous gizmo - i think i need one of these.. you are a good sister - btw do you ever make things for yourself? you always seem to make things for other people :) xxx

cinzia said...

What a beautiful gift... we are going away next that subtle enough:)

Anonymous said...

Both flaunts are lovely... really like the journal with all the special bits added, you should have a go at drafting a pattern!