Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I know it is late!

BUT - I am going to try and post at least every day...

This is what has made me slack this year.
January: It rained and rained and my house got flooded.
February: Repeat but worse this time.
March: Had some visitors from overseas who took a lot of recovering from.
           Spent five wonderful days with Smelllie 1 and Moo the grandgirl, and got my "Just The Four Boys" together for a long weekend - first time all in one place for NINE years!!!
April: Easter and ANZAC day took up the last half of the month. Breathing used up pretty much all the rest of April...
May: Ah, that is now.

And that is it.

In between I have been trying to sew a couple of quilts, and some clothes (just for fun) and small stuff. Knitted lots of scarves and Barbie doll clothes cos that is achievable. I am still not being terribly lively healthwise.
And I have done some "house fluffing" - trying to get the kitchen in order and other bits of decorating. I will post some photos some time soon.

I have yet to have the water damage from the flooding fixed. It bucketed down, everything just FLOODED, there was 6" of water just rushing down all over my land, the road was washed out in front of my place and the creek rose and cut off the other end so I was almost trapped, fled through flood waters.

Our little town was isolated when the Loddon River cut off the road to the west. Muckleford Creek was feet deep over the road to the east, and the other road to the north was also way under water. The Loddon River almost overtopped the levee banks - all the townspeople turned out to sandbag extra height. The water almost came to the top of the sandbags. That is way too high!

Bit of the usual argy bargy that so many people have had with insurance companies. Generally they are coming to the party but they wanted a second opinion and the assessor to come and visit. TWO MONTHS after they had told me they weren't going to do that. Because my home is mud brick and rammed earth it is more of a specialist builder job than a regular one. Fortunately there is a really fabulous builder just down the road from me who has a superb reputation (and I have been to visit at the house he built. Magic!).
The bottom course of mudbricks have been eroded, and water came inside and flooded across the floors. Fortunately, the floors are red bricks, but they are still drying out, and now there is white efflorescence happening from salts in the water, soil, etc.

It has all been really stressful My extremely high blood pressure, I discovered last week, may well be the cause of the appalling headaches I have been having. On meds for that now. Sigh.

I recently discovered Pinterest. How much fun is this!!! Check it out if you dont know about this great waste of time! A wonderful waste of time!!!!

And now I am going to snuggle back into my lovely warm bed with the featherdown mattress topper and the soft flannelette sheets and this laptop to check out the latest Pinnings. Perfect for a frosty night!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I AM here!

I am so naughty - poor little blog, poor sad followers!
I am still alive, still here.
No great excuses.
I just got out of the habit of blogging.
Now, I will probably find I have forgotten how to work all this and IT WILL SERVE ME RIGHT!
This is just a heads up - I will be back tomorrow with some nice stuff for you.