Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I know - it is way past New Year and most people have already packed away their decorations for another year (11 months) and are into sewing Valentines or Mother's Day pressies but I am still catching up!
We had a lovely little Christmas, did very little until later in the afternoon when Smellie 3 and his GF and Smellie 4 came over, along with StepSmellie 1 and his GF, and StepSmellie2. We did the pressie thing and had cold meats and salads, frozen icecream pudding, and Granma's Christmas Pudding. It was very peaceful.
My Sweetheart gave me a new camera!!! Hooray! Another Fuji - the big brother of the one I left in the bush. There are a heap of photos on it but at the moment it is going back from whence it came. When I am videoing you can tell when I zoom. And not just cos things get bigger but cos you can HEAR the little cogs and levers workign inside. Not a good thing. SO no photos of my pressies (lovely boys picked very good sewing quilty things for me) or post Christmas when we went back up to Mitta Mitta to The Witches Garden for a few days.

I was very disciplined with the tree this year - all pink and silver:
It also had lights sparkling away. These photos were taken with The Sweetheart's new iPhone which I was still learning to drive...

I found this very sweet little Advent Tree in Big W ($10) with cute hand painted decorations -  tiny brass hooks and eyelets to dangle them from.

There will be more when I get my camera back - much more interesting when you have  photos to look at!